The history of the company

bateau gabarreIn the 1980s, the idea of boat trips in La Roque-Gageac emerged. A former sailor from the estuary converted a barge and created Les Croisières Dordogne, thus becoming the first modern-day boat operator in the village.

Two other companies were created a few years later, including the Gabarres Caminade. The creation of the quay and the broadcasting of the soap opera adapted from Christian Signol’s work, La Rivière espérance, marked a new departure for the promenade boats. The modern and safe barges were born as they still exist today.

But…why Caminade?

Marc and Jean Caminade, father and son, were the last bargesmen of La Roque-Gageac. Jean’s daughter married a Dutchman who came to stay for a while in the Périgord Noir. From their union six children were born, including the founder of Gabarres Caminade, Henri Van Nifterik.

A professional fisherman, deeply rooted in the Périgord, the Gabarres Caminade were a way for him to share his love for the Dordogne with as many people as possible. He passed on his unfailing knowledge of the river and tirelessly told its story. Now gone, his children continue to perpetuate a family tradition in the respect of the values that were so dear to him.

Van Nifeterik